Why not introduce IoT to your home and make it a smart house?

Technology is advancing with every passing day and owning smart home is becoming a necessity. In the past, smart homes were considered to be part of a luxurious life style but today they have become an important part of our lives. In this article, we are going to share some of the basic reasons that why you should turn your home into a smart home.


With one touch button or mobile phone application, you can control numerous gadgets or systems. With the help of the smart device, you would be able to operate your heating and cooling as well turn on and turn off lights with a single click from anywhere in your house. This is not just an efficient procedure but it will also help you save electricity.


Having a smart home permits you to deal with many electronic gadgets and systems from over the house or over the world. Draw the shades, turn on lights, and monitor security. The listed features of the smart home are enough to convince a person to turn their homes smart too.


Smart homes make your life comfortable; you do not have to move all over the house to perform various functions. With smart devices, you can perform all household operations through applications while sitting comfortably on the sofa or in bed.

Peace of Mind

A smart home is also a major way to give peace of mind; you can utilize the smart device to check the doors, windows, water spill sensors etc. Moreover, you can also check that your garage door is properly shut through an application. You do not have to worry about going out to check.


Smart homes also allow you to have electronic things the way you like to have them. You can have the shades drawn automatically at a certain time, adjust the brightness of indoor as well as outdoor lighting as per your choice. Similarly, you can customize every single electronic item as per your will and furthermore you can also set timings for various choices to be implemented.

Other than these benefits, there are also some essential reasons that make it necessary for you to turn your home into a smart home:


Terrorism and other small crimes are now very common and in this era, everyone wants to make their home secure. Smart homes will allow you to make your home secure as well as it will also allow you to monitor the security very easily through your smart phones.

Utility Bills

The world is getting expensive day by day and people are very concerned about their utility bills. Smart home ensures you save electricity and reduce your power and water bills. Often it is observed that lights remain on due to the laziness of standing up and turning them off. A smart home will allow you to turn off lights and other electronic items even when you are in bed and going to sleep. It will save you a huge amount of cash.

Life-saving home alarm

Fires and thefts are just a few of the events that can wipe out your home or ruin the lives of friends and family. Smart home devices alert you to fires through alarms and notifications.

We sell a duct fire early detection system called FireDog.
FireDog installs the temperature sensor and gas detection sensor in the optimum location considering the specifications of the installation duct, and measures in real time.
When an abnormality is determined, the fire will be notified by a patrol lamp or alarm buzzer.
It is also possible to forcibly stop the fan by connecting to the circuit of the exhaust fan.

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